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The company FRT Raszter Ltd. was founded in 1998 and it has been operating as an indepentent architect office since 2000. The founders of the company specialised in building construction are: Attila Farsang, Richard Reisch and Balázs Takács. After the early years a branch of 6-8 architects has been applied by the company, who are working on the projects together under the supervision of the 3 directors.

All the 3 Directors are licenced special/expert engineers in insulation and waterproofing technologies (BME),  and 3 more colleagues of the company finished their studies with the same degree in 2011, so our office is applying now the highest number of expert engineers in insulation and waterproofing technologies in Hungary.

why are we indispensable...

Building construction is the mechanical, technological framework of architecture. Today there are tools for expressing almost every single idea of designer architects thanks to innovative constructions developed by the building industry and the related special engineering industries. However the invention of new building materials, the increasing number of products and the development of many scientific disciplines (building physics, acoustics, environmental protection, etc.) has made the process of planning and building a complex, hardly perspicuous system. Because of the continuously developing new science disciplines there are new expectations and requirements against building constructions, which are basically defined by standards and guidelines.

Designing building constructions has become a complex challenge, which needs the involvement of an erector, an architect specialised in construcion design.

The complex building physical, material, structural, technological and economical investigation of building constructions has become an indispensable exercise/duty. A specialised, highly graduated team of experts is needed, whose members are capable of gathering, systematizing and analysing continuously the broad range of informational materials with their complex approach. They also have to know and use frequently with high confidence the planning principles, rules, standards, guidelines and other referring specifications, which are needed for the proper design of the constructions. The special expert in building construction (erector) is serving the planning process by his knowledge of construction planning methods. The erector takes part in the planning process, his proficiency - wich is specialised beside architecture in building constructions - helps to follow through the architectural concept. The failures become avoidable by the collaboration with building construction specialists, which contributes to the establishment of building constructions, which fulfil their function, are aesthetic, have a long durability and satisfy the client, the designer architect and the contractor as well.

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